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Global Immigration and Education Services (GIES) was founded to assist Bangladeshi and non-European international students and skilled people those who are looking to explore the higher education, migration and employment opportunities available in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, some European countries as well as Asia. We have come across cases of applicants who come and seek for assistance in finding the most suitable organizations/institutions for themselves, or guidance throughout application procedures.

GIES was inaugurated in February, 2018 and registered in Bangladesh and our CEO has almost 12 years of education counselling experience. Currently, we have established strong relations with number of institutes/agencies in the USA & European market also working to develop partnership with likewise institutions across the world depending on the market demand.

We are emerging student, employment and immigration consultancy firm with a passion for excellence. We are intellectually curious and highly collaborative. All our services are carefully designed and managed by our highly qualified experience staffs. Our associate immigration law firms advice our applicants and consultants if necessary. We are constantly measuring new opportunities, quality of service and ways of working alongside our values which always focus on profound business commitment and ethical integrity. We are a strong network of prospective students and quality education service providers which have been established from successive duration in the student consultancy and immigration networking.

Our Aim
We aim to provide simplified, professional and efficient service to our students, job seekers, associates and other stakeholders. We appreciate a comprehensive partnership with likewise organizations/institutions/bodies.

Company Information:

Name: Global Immigration & Education Services (GIES)
Company Registration Number: 234723
VAT Registration Number: BIN:002799695-0401
Type of Company: Proprietorship
Type of Business: Consultancy & Training
Located: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Why Choose Us

GIES main source of student are from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Majority of GIES overseas student are already in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and looking for choice of affordable admission worldwide and rest of them are fresher’s seeking for overseas admission. Hundreds of thousand students from Asian subcontinent go for overseas education each year.

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Fast Service

We are renounced for our fast service in the market. Because our research and service are clear as crystal. We have a team of professionals who are educated and informed with the latest updates and so we know how to process faster for you. 

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Trusted Partner

We at GIES offer a great combination of professionalism and strong relation with our applicants, associates and overseas institutes. We believe in winning the trust of our clients through our work and services.

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Real Time Information

We know that the immigration rules and regulations of countries around the world are changing day by day with their needs and improve according to their national laws. So our team is always studying and observing the updates to produce you real time information so that you can take your decision accurately.

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Helpful Advice

We always help our applicants to take decision whether it’s perfect for him/her. We assess the eligibility, education background, financial capability of the applicants to choose their right destination.

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Other Services

*Free Consultation:
Face to face, Online and Over Phone; the service is free of cost for our students and their guardians.
* Online Assessment:
This service is also free for our applicants. You will need to fill up the application forms and upload your documents then one of our consultants will get back you soon.
*Visa Application:
Our experts work very cordially and sharply in making visa application and documentation according to requirements of the specific consulate/embassy.
* Interview Preparation:
Our trainers will guide you and prepare you for interview if necessary (e.g. Skype/ electronics interview by institutions and face to face interview in the consulate/Embassy).
*Pre Departure Briefing:
This section of service is informative and very important for the travelers. We provide pre departure information and guide them how they can approach in a right way commencing from the immigration officers up to reaching the destination country.
* Post Arrival Service:
Post arrival service includes Airport pick up, Accommodation/dormitory facilities.
* Travel and Medical Insurance:
Some European countries regulate Travel or Medical Insurance; in this case we guide applicants to find proper insurance companies to get the insurance.
* Travel Arrangement:
We provide travel arrangement service to the our applicants who successfully have been granted visa. We can find for you the cheaper airlines through our network.